Our Brand of Minimalism

Mrs. Super Frugal Duo and I have noticed lately that minimalism has been appropriated by the mainstream from those few fringe eccentrics whose lead-by-example lifestyle once fell on deaf ears.  What once was a way of life for some has become something hip and trendy; the kind of thing you would read about in a […]

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What We’ve Been Reading – July 24th

Happy Monday, everyone!  Mrs. Super Frugal Duo and I have been busy behind the scenes! I’ve been working on a third part to our series on buying real estate defensively (you can view Part 1 and Part 2 here), and it got long enough that we’re going to be offering a fourth article. We also […]

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Imagine Vegan Cafe

Quite and quirky – the decor was fun to look at and we were seated towards the front. American cooking, burgers and appetizers that will remind you of the more popular chains (minus the meat). What we ordered? Appetizer combo, Big Smack Burger, Mac ‘n Cheese, Double Bacon Burger What we liked? That Big Smack Burger satiated Mr. […]

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