Whether you’reSuper Frugal Duo - Winter Accessories a seasoned minimalist or just starting your journey to own less, it’s always good to take a close look at our possessions and consciously decide what adds value, and what does not.  Decluttering is an ongoing process and to help, we’ll occasionally post tips to make it easier to own less.  

One type of item that’s easy to overlook, and accumulate too much of, is winter accessories.  Cold weather hats, scarves, gloves, mittens and the like lay forgotten for half the year, until suddenly the cold months are upon us. It’s easy to think, as the weather turns from summer to fall, that we may need a hat or some mittens in the coming months, and buy without taking stock of what we already have first.  And with the gift giving holiday of Christmas, winter wear makes for popular gifts.  If it’s not socks in your stocking, it’s a new scarf, hat or gloves.

This stuff collects easily.

There’s another reason you should take stock of your winter accessories and consider paring down: There may be someone in your community who needs some winter wear this season.  By paring down, and donating what you don’t need, you’ll help those less fortunate in your community to stay warm, and safe, this winter season.

While I can’t tell you exactly how many pieces you should have, I can tell you this: for the most part, you’ll wear only one hat, one scarf and one pair of gloves at a time, so a great place to start is by picking your favorite all-weather hat, scarf and pair of gloves or mittens.  These will be your go-to pieces when the temperature starts to drop, and ideally, should be able to be the only items you need to stay warm for an entire winter season.

However, each of us have different needs in winter, so if you require a lighter or heavier item, by all means, keep those, too.  For example, if you ski regularly, a pair of heavy-duty skiing gloves are a must.  If you live somewhere with warmer winters, like the US Southeast, it might make sense to keep some lighter items on hand, as too heavy of a hat won’t keep you toasty, it’ll roast you.

Three hats, four pairs of gloves and a scarf
Mr. Super Frugal Duo’s winter accessories

For me, I decided to declutter my own winter accessories, and found out I have three hats, four pairs of gloves and a scarf.  I’ll be keeping two of the hats, the Icebreaker Pocket Beanie, which packs light and is great for cool days, and the Alpacas of Montana WindStopper which is perfect for deep winter months when I visit relatives in Wisconsin. However, I’ll be donating the third one, a military surplus “radar” hat that I was hoping would be great for winter, but fits a little too tight.  For the gloves, I actually find the two glove liners, Arc’teryx Gothic and these military surplus glove liners each work great on their own, and even better together when it gets really cold.  The other two pairs are old gloves I didn’t even know I had until I decluttered, and are both going to be donated.  And the scarf is a military surplus wool scarf that couldn’t be warmer, and is easily on of my favorite winter pieces.

So, if you’ve got a few minutes, I highly recommend finding all your own winter accessories, keeping those you use most often, and donating the ones you don’t.

Have you decluttered your winter accessories lately?  What pieces do you find most useful to keep?  Have you donated your excess winter accessories this season?

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