Hello folks, Duo here with a quick introduction on who we are and what we’re offering – plus, why you should opt in and follow along! You know you want to…

We’re a husband and wife super frugal duo located in sunny Florida. Independently, we each stumbled on to the benefits of living frugally, simply, embracing minimalism, and working towards early retirement. Together, we’ve ever-so-slightly sped up the process of reaching retirement before 40. We’re not quite there yet, but we hope to be there soon!

This blog will serve as a way to document our life together: from minimalism and decluttering – to living frugally – to eating mostly vegan – and finally to *hopefully* retiring within the next 5 – 7 years.

What can you expect to find on this blog?

  • Minimalism & decluttering tips – what we do to continue living with less
  • Frugal habits – how we save the big bucks to reach our goals
  • Financial tidbits – our perspectives on the financial market
  • Vegan eats – restaurants, recipes, ingredients
  • General posts – anything else that may pop up along the way

We look forward to this SUPER adventure with you! Stay tuned for more!

Mr. & Mrs. Super Frugal Duo
Posted by:Mr. & Mrs. Super Frugal Duo

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