Happy Monday, everyone!  Mrs. Super Frugal Duo and I have been busy behind the scenes! I’ve been working on a third part to our series on buying real estate defensively (you can view Part 1 and Part 2 here), and it got long enough that we’re going to be offering a fourth article. We also owe you all an update post on our lives, and have some exciting developments there. We have a tiny house that is almost framed and sealed, are wrapping up a summer semester of school, and have been packing and planning a two week trip to Europe for our honeymoon, which starts this Wednesday!  We’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time, as we’ve been married for over a year, and decided to wait on the honeymoon until we were ready and able to make it great.  More on that, soon!

To hold you all over while we’re gone, we decided to share some of our favorite articles that we’ve been reading lately.  Please let us know in the comment section below if you like what you read, and we’ll be sure to share more articles in the future!

With that, our first article is titled Lazy Work, Good Work by Morgan Housel of Collaborative Fund. While it’s an older article, it’s a great reminder for all of us to take a moment out of our day, slow down, and just think.

We’re busy building our tiny house, but if you’re in the market to buy one now, this 220 sq/ft tiny house in Mansfield, TX might be just for you.  We love a lot of the features, including the spacious kitchen and the two lofts with storage space under the stairs.  We even plan to put the same bathroom mirror in our tiny house!

While I’m pursuing my MBA, and Mrs. SFD is busy taking online courses to prepare her for project management certification, this great article on The 4 Keys to Learning Anything is a good reminder that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and we don’t always need a formal institution to guide us along.

If you’re interested in buying an investment property, I highly recommend taking a look at Cash Flow Diaries’ latest post, How I Purchased My Newest Rental Property With Full Details. Find out everything about the process, from financing and costs, to the time involved in this particular house.  It’s always good to learn from successful investors who are out there doing what you want to do, and Cash Flow Diaries is setting a great example with real estate.

One last article today, takes a different look at real estate.  Tim McAleenan Jr., author of the Conservative Income Investor, takes a look at How a Reverse Mortgage Loan Works.  This is not a typical “How To” article, in that Tim strongly urges you to find any and all ways to fund your retirement lifestyle before resorting to a reverse mortgage, by sharing the mechanics of how these financing products work.  If you, or someone you know, is considering a reverse mortgage, consult this article first to get an idea of the processes involved.  I strongly suspect that reverse mortgages will see a pronounced uptick in popularity over the next decade or two, as Baby Boomers retire with too few assets to fund their basic necessities, and that there will be a lot of opportunities for potential problems as a result.

What have you been reading lately?

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